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What is Handicap Betting? #6 Quick Guide to Placing Handicap (1x2) Bets

Are you a newcomer to the betting scene? If you're looking for an easy-to-play and potentially profitable field, what is handicap betting? This is indeed a form of online soccer betting that you should prioritize considering.

With its straightforward gameplay and time-saving nature, it's becoming a favorite among betting enthusiasts.

What is handicap betting? What is 1x2 betting?

Handicap betting, also known as 1x2 betting, involves the bookmakers offering odds corresponding to the three outcomes of a football match: Win – Draw – Lose for you to place bets on.

This is a quick, easy-to-play, and lightweight betting option.

The allure of this type of betting lies in the struggle between "heart and mind". Sometimes, when the bookmakers believe that your favorite team will lose, what will you do?

At this point, what choice will you make?

Will you follow your heart, believing that your home team will win, or will you go against the odds and predict the outcome as the bookmakers expect?

Football is the king of sports because it brings forth incredible emotions that no other sport can replicate.

Just three types of bets—Win, Draw, and Lose—bring about countless emotions, excitement, and opportunities to earn money for countless generations of bettors.

That's why for those who don't want to spend too much time calculating half-goal differences, one-goal differences, etc., handicap betting is an extremely suitable choice.

To understand it better, let's follow the example below:

In handicap betting, you place bets on the three outcomes equivalent to 2.5 (Win) – 3.2 (Draw) – 3.7 (Lose) odds.

If you bet on the home team and they win, you will receive 2.5 times the initial amount from the bookmakers. If you bet 100k, you will receive a total of 250k.

If you bet on a draw and the bet wins, you will receive 3.2 times the initial amount compared to the bookmakers. If you bet 100k, the total amount received will be 320k.

If you bet on the away team and they win, you will receive 3.7 times the initial bet amount. If you bet 100k, you will receive a total of 370k.

Many people are still confused between odds and handicap betting. The article "How to Read Odds" will explain all the information for you.

From the odds above, we can conclude that when the home team wins, the reward ratio received is the lowest => The bookmakers rate the home team higher.

Conversely, the bookmakers consider the chances of the away team turning the odds around to be quite low => The reward ratio for those who dare to bet on this option is very high.

1x2 betting doesn't care about the score but is based on the three outcomes: Win – Draw – Lose to determine.

How to read handicap betting odds for beginners

Although it's a very easy form of betting, to increase your chances of winning, you need to understand the rules of the game.

Soccer Tip Bet Today: In order to outsmart the bookmakers, it's essential to grasp the intricacies of reading odds, comprehending the payout ratio, and being mindful of the duration of a 1x2 bet.

Tip: The 1x2 numbers correspond to each option as follows: 1 stands for the home team: If you bet on the home team to win, this option leads you to victory. X stands for a draw: If both teams end up with the same score, betting on this option secures your win. 2 Stands for the away team: To win big with this option, players must bet on the away team to win. Asian Handicap soccer includes two types of bets: betting on the first half (1H.1x2) and betting on the full match (FT.1x2). The odds for the first half Asian Handicap mean betting on the possible outcomes—win, loss, or draw—of the first half alone. Additionally, within the first 10 minutes of the match, you can also bet on the outcome—win, loss, or draw—of that time frame. These bets become invalid if the match is canceled or the results are settled before the end of the game. For the full match Asian Handicap, you bet on the outcome—win, loss, or draw—of the entire match. If you bet correctly, you receive a payout according to the odds set by the bookmaker. Calculating Asian Handicap bets is straightforward because there are only two possible outcomes: win or loss. If your prediction is correct, you receive a payout based on the odds offered at the time of placing the bet. Otherwise, you lose your stake. For example, if you bet 100k on the Green Team to win against the Red Team with odds of 1.6, you would receive a payout of 100 x 1.6 = 160k if the Green Team wins. Macau Club, a gaming platform from Sun City, offers exciting gameplay and fantastic bonuses. Upon registering an account, players receive a 50k bonus instantly. Withdrawing winnings is quick and hassle-free. #5 Effective

Best Free Soccer Tips : Strategies for 1x2 Betting: Achieving Consistent Wins. Successfully navigating 1x2 betting demands a blend of skills, comprehension of game rules, concepts, and strategic insights. While making confident Win-Draw-Loss predictions might appear straightforward, the stakes rise when significant capital is at play. The following advice is sure to enhance your winning prospects.

Avoiding Crowd-following in Asian Handicap Betting: It's imperative not to follow the crowd and to trust your own judgment. Bookmakers set odds based on the flow of money, so the more people bet on one outcome, the higher the risk of losing. Take the time to thoroughly research each team, gather all pre-match information to form your own analysis. Bookmakers can be cunning; sometimes, they set initial odds with a significant deviation to lure bettors. You may refer to articles on what is Asian handicap betting to understand how bookmakers operate. Once you've gathered enough betting capital, bookmakers may adjust odds or influence matches unexpectedly, making it essential to have a logical basis for your predictions.

Grasping Asian Handicap Odds Based on Team Information: While predictions may not be entirely accurate, they offer peace of mind. However, it's crucial to base predictions on the following criteria:

Team Form and Strength: As the saying goes, "Form is temporary, class is permanent." Ensure the team you're betting on either has a higher current form or is consistently rated at a superior level compared to their opponent. For instance, while Laos may have played better historically, in the current scenario, the chance of them defeating Vietnam is almost negligible. Matches like these may have obvious odds, and while the winnings might be modest, it's still worth betting on with a cautious mindset. Minimizing risks is crucial; you can refer to articles on Draw No Bet analysis to understand the principles of safe betting.

Playing Style & Tactical Scheme: Studying a team's tactics can help anticipate the direction of the game. Certain tactical styles counter each other clearly. Thus, bettors must continually learn and understand football concepts. Identifying the outcome of the mental duel between two managers can help you determine which team is more likely to win.

Historical Head-to-Head Records: How many times have the two teams played each other in the past? What are the overall results up to the present moment? Historical head-to-head records are vital foundations for more accurate predictions. With just a minute of research, you can access detailed information. This data not only aids in this specific bet but also informs all other betting choices.

Importance of the Upcoming Match: Understanding the significance of the match will aid in more accurate predictions. For example, in a life-or-death final match scenario, two teams with equal points need only a draw to progress. Knowing this information makes decision-making much easier.

Enhancing Your Strategy with Buy Premium Soccer Tips : Integrating premium soccer tips into your betting approach can offer a substantial edge. Crafted by seasoned experts possessing deep insights into the game, these tips provide invaluable guidance. Their advice, often backed by thorough analysis, statistical models, risk management tactics, and timely updates, empowers you to make well-informed betting choices. In the volatile realm of sports betting, premium tips offer a competitive advantage, elevating your odds of success.


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