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Sales Performance Management Coaching: Improving Revenue and Gross Margin $s

Part 1: Building the systems

  • Creating or enhancing sales systems

    • System for converting prospects into paying clients/customers

    • System for monitoring and interpreting sales metrics/analytics

    • System for creating an environment that influences prospects to buy

    • System for efficiently taking orders and delivering orders

  • Create Sales Metrics

    • Dollars per customer: The average $ value of a transaction

    • Average sales price: The average $ value of each unit (service or product) sold

    • Units per transaction: The average # of units sold per customer transaction

    • Transactions count: Average # of customer transactions & total # of transactions

    • Sales conversion %: The percentage of inquiries/leads that are converted into paying customers


Part 2: Improving Revenue and Gross Margin $s


Tracking Results: Integrating Revenue and Margin Goals, Drivers and Metrics to Sales Reporting Software

  • Track revenue goals

  • Track revenue % to goal

  • Track revenue goals month to date

  • Track revenue % to goal month to date

  • Track gross margin dollars goal

  • Track gross margin dollars % to goal

  • Track gross margin %

  • Track gross margin % to goal

  • Track gross margin % to goal month to date

  • Track revenue drivers

  • Track revenue drivers % to goal

  • Track revenue drivers % to goal month to date

  • Track margin drivers

  • Track margin drivers % to goal

  • Track margin drivers % to goal month to date

  • Identify root causes for underperforming sales results

    • Identifying the revenue and margin gaps

    • Determining where the gaps are coming from

  • Discover how the Client and Client’s staff are contributing to these problems

    • Identifying unprofitable behaviors

    • Connecting behaviors to unprofitable attitude/psyche

  • Determine if products/services have quality issues contributing to sales gaps

  • Determine if there are inefficiencies in sales operating systems contributing to sales gaps

  • Analyze customer/client feedback to provide more clarity around root causes for sales gaps

Business Planning: Working with Client to create and implement solutions and action plan for turning results around  

  • Creating solutions to revenue and margin problems

    • Identify areas of focus

    • Stating the reasons for focus

    • List solutions

    • Reset goals for improvement with timeline

  • Developing behavioral action plan

    • Says and dos for carrying out solutions for areas of focus

    • Working with Client to hold staff accountable for underperformance

    • Getting Client and Client’s staff to take responsibility for their contribution for sales problems

  • Tracking results

    • Analyzing weekly and month to date revenue and margin results

    • Analyzing sales metrics

    • Analyzing sales operations systems

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