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MARKETING GAP FINDER® w/ 1 hour of setup and implementation support

MARKETING GAP FINDER® w/ 1 hour of setup and implementation support

Excluding Sales Tax



The Issue: Are you looking for ways to increase customer traffic to your business, but not sure how? Do you lack an effective system for troubleshooting your marketing results? Do you have the right tools? Trying to figure out how to market your business can feel daunting and frustrating.


The Solution: Coach Nic will provide you with his proprietary and customizable Marketing Gap Finder® tool!  Whether you are a new business just getting started or an established company looking to improve your marketing results, the Marketing Gap Finder® will walk you through the process of identifying root causes for disappointing customer traffic results. Moreover, the tool will make it easier for you to develop and implement the right solutions for reaching marketing goals by the end of each month via customizable templates. And with setup, you receive 1 hour of coaching dedicated to walking you through the Marketing Gap Finder® and helping you integrate the templates into your workflow.


What’s included?

  • Marketing Gap Finder Tab, including:
    • Flash scorecard for tracking customer traffic weekly results
    • Business analysis for leveraging marketing metrics and data to accurately identify root causes for marketing gaps
    • Business Planning for developing areas of focus, resetting of goals, writing strategies for troubleshooting customer traffic gaps
  • Marketing Drivers Goal Setting Tab, including:
    • Marketing drivers’ goals by percentages
    • Marketing drivers’ actual results by percentages
  • Target Market Tab for creating customer profiles of your ideal customers/clients, including:
    • Customer demographics
    • Customer buying motivations
    • Customer buying concerns and solutions
  • 1 hour of support for customizing Marketing Gap Finder
  • And much more!:
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